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There are thousands of GREAT ways to promote your website -- Google Adsense is one of them -- but NOT if you cannot measure and monitor results.  Our website is going to give you the power to measure the results of every advertising campaign you setup and give you TRUE insight to deciding which campaigns to keep, and which ones to cancel.  Below I will explain how this script will change the way you spend your advertising dollar.

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Sending purchased traffic DIRECT to your website is a HUGE Money Costing Mistake!  Using Track My Campaigns to TICKET every visitor will save you a HUGE percentage of your advertising budget!  Our script will ensure that you are receiving every visitor that you pay for.  Some Pay-Per-Click companies 'inflate' and overcharge their clients by reporting far more clicks then they actually send.  Our script will give you the information you need to compare the number of clicks you actually receive against the number of clicks the advertising company bills you for.


Not All Traffic Is Equal!

Not only do you need to concentrate on receiving the most traffic for your advertising dollar but also concentrate on the quality of the traffic from each individual site you receive it from.  This will allow you to focus your advertising dollar to the sites that have the best conversion rate and 'live' visitors. 

The Five Step Conversion Process
Our Five Step Conversion Process allows you to fully understand the quality of the traffic you receive.  This process will allow you to 'tag' five pages on your website that a potential buyer visitors during a session on your website.  These 'steps' could be the homepage, product information page, shopping cart, purchase confirmation page or request more information page -- or anything you choose. 

Our system will track the visitor from the moment they enter your website until they leave.  You can then view a report telling you how many visitors read your homepage, how many continued to one of your product pages, how many added a product to your shopping cart, and how many they actually purchased.  Our system uses cookies so even if a visitor returns to your website at a later time, the tracking process will continue where it has left off.

This system will give you insight to your campaign because it can show you which traffic has the most 'energy'.  You want traffic that will carry on past just the homepage, look at and review the product, and consider purchasing the product.  You will be able to compare all of your new campaigns to determine which campaign yielded the maximum 'potential buyers' and eliminate the campaigns that do not yield 'positive and active' visitors. 

Ultimately you will be able to quickly view each campaign and determine how many clicks you have received, how many sales you have generated, and which sites are delivering 'GOOD' traffic verses 'BAD'. 


Eliminate Dead or Junk Traffic

Stop advertising campaigns from selling you 'junk' or 'dead' traffic!

Many advertising campaigns will 'bundle' websites into your promotion campaigns that send you traffic of absolute no value.  These visitors come from 'start page exchange' websites and incentive based programs that tell their visitors to click on the ad, press the back button, and receive a 'prize'.  Without our Five Step System you will not be able to detect and eliminate these wasteful programs from your advertising campaign!

With our system you will be able to quickly identify sites sending you traffic that does not continue away from the homepage and that does not convert into sales.  The vast majority of small businesses promoting online are paying these websites PER CLICK for these visitors and it takes the webmaster months to eliminate them from the active and more profitable campaigns.  This is how the majority of webmasters LOSE THEIR MONEY

Empower your website to battle against Dead Traffic by installing our powerful yet easy to use tracking system.  You will be able to detect these leach websites THE VERY FIRST DAY of the campaign and save thousands of dollars in the months to come in lost advertising.   Remember -- you are not only losing your advertising money but also the revenues from the sales you would of generated if you had used the money more wisely.



Capitalize on "Gold Mine" Sites that Make You Huge Earnings!

When you launch a campaign that is profitable -- there is a reason for it!  Without the proper ability to track your sales, leads, and visitor activity you will not be able to determine the promotions that are losing you money from those that are making you a mint!

Even worse -- if you cannot detect which website is making you the majority of the sales then you are unable to INCREASE your promotion with that website.  So not only are you spending your advertising dollars on websites that are making you NO REVENUES -- but you are also missing out on an advertising opportunity with the websites that are bringing you 90% of your sales.  Our system will give you the ability to clearly see which websites are bringing customers to your door and this information will allow you to dedicate and focus the majority of your advertising budget towards these 'gold mine' sites.  This will MAXIMIZE your return on investment and eliminate sites that are just draining your advertising budget.


Waiting to install a conversion tracking system to your website is a HUGE and COSTLY mistake!  If you are serious about promoting your website, products, and services online then you must be able to manage your campaigns properly.  Anyone successful webmaster understands the key to success online is constant purchasing of campaigns from individual sites, the quality testing of the traffic, and the eliminate of unprofitable campaigns.  Over time this process yields the webmaster THOUSANDS of websites providing the sales needed to operate a profitable online presence.  Search engine optimization is a very powerful tool of promotion but most websites are driven by direct sales and advertising campaigns.

The reason you should purchase this script RIGHT AWAY is because you simply cannot conduct online marketing without it.  The reason you should choose THIS SCRIPT is because it is designed to handle the exact task at hand and is very easy to use.  There are other services available online but you will find that they are difficult to setup and lack the ability to properly judge both the quality of the traffic and the conversion of the campaign.  Many are far too simplistic to provide the information you need to make sound business choices and the other scripts -- that can properly do the job -- are far too complex to quickly be able to setup campaigns and conduct business in an orderly passion. 

If there was a SOLID solution on the market then I would not have spent a fortune creating this solution that is dedicated to solving the exact problem webmasters face when they are building and measuring campaigns online.    I have designed this system to be simplistic, effective, and profitable for the webmaster. 

Last, but not least, the reason I believe you should purchase this script is because the price is very hard to beat.  It will save you a fortune in advertising, provide you the basis that your sales will be derived from for years to come, and also eliminate your need for a marketing webmaster over your site.  Anyone that is serious about promoting their company online should have absolutely no doubt about purchasing this script and clearly see the benefits of its abilities.


Many other solutions require extensive site integration, complex scripting, and databases to be setup for each domain to track.  In fact -- just BUYING my competitors scripts seem scary as the installation sounds like a real nightmare.  Many require specialized servers, operating systems, databases, and models -- all things that can prevent you from ever using what you purchased. 

I really don't like installing scripts so when I had this piece built I decided that it would NOT USE A SQL DATABASE.  I also built it to be easy to integrate, allow the webmaster to only have to set the system up ONCE, and designed an interface that is easy and simplistic to understand.  I also strategically built the system to minimize the burden on the hosting and the components required of the hosting to operate. 

This gives YOU the piece of mind that this script will work with your web hosting -- or I will provide you a 100% REFUND!  I took many precautions to ensure that EVERYONE can use my system on the web hosting of their choice and be up and running QUICKLY and with MINIMAL efforts.  I truly dislike installing complex scripts and setting up databases so you can be assured the installation and setup of my program is FAR EASIER then anything else on the market.

Want to see a LIVE demo of our script before you purchase? 


Purchasing online is very easy!  Within minutes you can download and install your Track My Campaigns Perl Script!  I appreciate your contributions greatly and look forward to providing you an excellent product that you will continue to use for years to come.  Of course, all upgrades in the future will be provided to you at NO EXTRA COST. 

This license is good for up to 5 domains that you own.
Multiple licenses may be purchased.

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